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In 1946 Tupperware was introduced to American consumers by Earl Silas Tupper, a chemist who created plastic containers with airtight seals to keep food fresh. Plastic at that time wasn't very popular and most containers were made from glass so this was a revolutionary new range of goods. Tupperware products were sold in hardware shops, but they weren't very successful at first because customers didn't know how to use them and found the airtight seal difficult to fit.

Brownie Wise was given a set of Tupperware bowls as a gift, and she was so excited by the product that she began to show others how to use them to get the best out of them. As a single mum, she was already selling brushes using the party plan method and thought this system would work well with Tupperware. She asked Tupper if she could try and sell his containers by holding demonstration parties, and she was soon selling more than any store. It is reported that Wise sold $1500’s worth a week at one stage. Tupper saw the potential in what she was achieving and expanded her idea. Wise was made Head of Home Sales and was the first women to appear on the cover of Business Week magazine.

In 1951 Tupperware was removed from retail shops and was no longer sold this way. The only way to purchase the products was through a party host.

In 1960 the first Tupperware party in the Uk was held in Weybridge, Surrey by a lady named Mila Pond. This saw the launch of Tupperware UK. Parties quickly grew into a popular way for women to have fun, share some of their tips and earn a little something. The British fashion magazine Queen gave Tupperware a stamp of approval in 1965 by calling it 'the greatest revolution in household consumer goods since the Phoenicians invented glass’.

Tupperware parties in the UK became part of British culture. Almost every home in the county had a least one container in their kitchen. The brand name was known by everyone.

The Queen loved her Tupperware and according to an undercover reporter, she kept her breakfast cereals in her containers. The products were photographed on her breakfast table amongst much controversy.

Tupperware grew into a global company and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2010 it was recorded as being the third most admired company in the world and was mentioned in many business articles. Tupperware parties were being held in over 100 countries worldwide and new products were brought out to keep pace with the needs of families.

Despite all the great success, Tupperware began to lose its popularity in the UK in the early 21st century. Parties which had been part of the fabric of British culture became a little old fashioned in some people’s eyes. In America, 85% of sales were completed at parties, but in 2003 Tupperware UK closed it doors in Britain. There remained many fans of the product, however, so containers were still used daily by many.

That isn't the end of the story however. With new designs of Tupperware being introduced, and a new generation of cooks being inspired by baking shows and blogs, Tupperware is seeing a new surge in customers in the UK. These days Tupperware sellers in Great Britain source the range through Tupperware Ireland. A new catalogue is launched every season and it is filled with new products, ideas and colours. Everything can be purchased via online shops in the UK, and Tupperware parties can be arranged in British homes just as they always were. Agents come along to demonstrate the new products and offer lots of fun and interesting ideas to get the most out of mealtimes. All Tupperware still has a 10 year guarantee and replacement parts can be ordered, even for some of the older pieces. It seems that great British traditions and top quality products are never out of style for long.

Today, Tupperware is new, exciting and modern. The products on offer are just what busy British people need, and they are all BPA free so can be used safely in the microwave. The much-loved containers are still available but these days they are freshly designed, brightly coloured and wonderful to touch. Everything looks so good, you will want the products out on display.

One of the most exciting lines is the new microwave collection. These products can be used to make nutritional meals in just minutes. You don't need fat or oils, and with a tiny a mount of water food gets steamed so vitamins and minerals are not lost during the cooking process. You can create whole dinners in one Tupperware container in 10 minutes from scratch.

As we become more educated in the need to maintain a healthy diet at all times, people have become aware of their snacking habits. Tupperware has a handy range of ‘On The Go’ items which make taking nuts, almonds, fruit and cut vegetables to work or school easier. The containers are lovely to hold and they fit neatly in a bag, briefcase or backpack. No more excuses for reaching for junk food on the road. Tupperware have looked at what active workers, children and students need, and have come up with excellent solutions. Have a look at the up-to-date and appealing new range in the online shop. You can order straight from there, wherever you are in the world, or you can host your own party in the UK and have a look at all the new products before you buy. If you would like the chance to flick through a paper catalogue, we can also get one of those out to you too. Everything Tupperware is right here.

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Our Pantries range includes a wide collection of the things we are best known for - Tupperware containers. Practical and colourful, these products are used in households around the UK every single day. Keep all the family staples fresh and well packaged to reduce waste and to keep your cupboards organised. Store your cereal, rice, flour, sugar, pasta and coffee in neat, durable Tupperware containers with air tight lids and seals. Choose the size and shape that suits your needs best - there are circular and rectangular, large and small, flat and tall to select from.

tupperware pantries
tupperware fridge storage

Fridge Storage

To keep food organised and fresh in your refrigerator, browse the Tupperware Fridge Storage collection and take a look at the bright containers that are available. Our extensive Ventsmart range has a system of vents which allows air to flow around food, keeping the contents fresher for longer. Cool Mates stack and nest to together to maximise fridge space while storing meat, fish and poultry. Keep all your leftovers neatly organised in Tupperware fridge containers to keep food waste to a minimum.

tupperware fridge storage
tupperware bread and cheese

Bread & Cheese

Store your bread and cheese the right way with Tupperware Breadsmart and Cheesmart products. These cleverly designed containers make sure the moisture level is always perfect for the contents kept inside. Bread and cheese lasts longer and tastes better. There are different sizes available in the Cheesmart range, so you can store a whole cheeseboard selection, or just a couple of your favourite flavours. There is also a choice of flexible cutting boards, and a Tupperware butter dish in the collection.

tupperware bread & cheese
tupperware on the go

On the Go

To make sure you eat and drink healthily when you are out and about, take your lunch, snacks and juice with you. The Tupperware On The Go products are fun, very usable and great for adults and children. There are large lunch boxes, salad keepers, little snack boxes and a choice of bottles to carry water or squash. Pack fruit, nuts, soup and baby food knowing the airtight lids will keep all the food fresh and safely stored. With a choice of shapes and sizes to pick from, there is something for every one.

tupperware on the go