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Jel Ring Set

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Product Description

A set of classic Tupperware fluted moulds complete with seals on both the bottom and the top for a perfect dish every time, these original, sealed moulds are a must have essential in any cooking enthusiast's kitchen. Available in a set of four differently designed seals, alongside companion textured serving trays, these jelly moulds are designed to sit seamlessly on the ring to create an attractive and intrinsic jelly or mousse mould easily, with perfectly created shape and detail.

Liquid tight with a choice of seals and designed simplistically so as you peel off the seal, air is released into the mould so your dish will slip out flawlessly, you can create various sized dishes by simply filling the moulds to different levels, for a perfect finish every time using our Tupperware Jel Ring Set.
Capacity: 1.5 L / 24 cm Ø x 8 cm H

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