Tupperware Party




To really appreciate the high quality of Tupperware, it needs to be seen up close. This is where home parties really come into their own. These events are fun to be part of, and they give you the chance to feel the workmanship, try the gadgets and test the durability of each Tupperware item.

If you’re looking for a reason to have some friends around, we can give you a few great excuses:

-     First up - it’s free to hold a Tupperware party. You don't need to pay a fee, a deposit or spend a minimum amount, all we ask is that you invite roughly 10 or 12 guests. You provide the location, a few nibbles and a nice relaxed atmosphere and we do the rest.

-     We bring the Tupperware catalogue and a selection of fabulous Tupperware UK products for you to touch, feel, squeeze and try for yourselves. As well as the colourful containers we are well known for, there are also gadgets, utensils, children’s items and microwave products. All cleverly designed to be used and stored over and over again.

-     We can demonstrate food prep and bring along some recipes to give you new ideas for mealtimes. It’s a great opportunity for your guests to share ideas, family favourites and top tips. You will be amazed at what you can learn, in fact, you could call it an educational event!

-     A girl’s night in is always fun, so if you want to have a few glasses of wine to make it more of an occasion, then feel free to pour some alcohol. If you really feel like pushing the boat out, make it a cocktail celebration and serve a lovely Cosmopolitan, Mojito or Porn Star to each guest.

Tupperware parties are part of the British way of life. Our mothers and grandmothers held parties back in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and now it’s your turn to carry on the tradition. It is a nice way to get in touch with neighbours, work colleagues and family members of all ages and backgrounds. These days, the menfolk are just as handy in the kitchen as the ladies, so invite them along as well and they can learn a thing or two about kitchenware.

-     We’ve left the best ’til last. You get free Tupperware as a thank you gift. The more your guests spend, the more rewards you receive for hosting the party. The value of your free gift is worth up to 10% of the sales at your party. You can choose anything you like in the current catalogue, so start thinking about what you’d like to pick out for yourself.

As an example, if your lovely guests spend £300 - you can choose an item worth up to £30 for free.

If they order £750 worth, you can select something worth up to £75. The sky's the limit.

There are other, seasonal special offers too which can be discussed when you book, like if one of your guests goes on to book a party with us, there will be a little something in it for you too.

Contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours. If you want to ask a few questions first, then we will be happy to answer those for you.



If your friends are far-flung, or very hard to get together in a room, you can still have your own party and earn rewards and half-price Tupperware by holding an online party.

The way it works is that you choose a date and you invite guests by making a Facebook event or sending out emails. You can also have a few paper-based catalogues and order forms to give to anyone who prefers things the old-fashioned way.

You help to sell the Tupperware and keep everyone interested, but they order their goods online using a special code. This code gets you your rewards and gets them a £1 off delivery charges.

For anyone interested in this type of online Tupperware party, contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.



If you know exactly what you would like to buy and don't need to come to a Tupperware party, then order online and your purchases will be delivered straight to your door. Our online Tupperware shop has the full range of current items available, and all it takes is a few clicks to order.

For Tupperware replacement parts, we can get you many of the items that get lost over the years. We will try and get any of the Tupperware spare parts you need, like seals and lids, even for older items. If you have the 2-part serial number which is printed on every piece of Tupperware, that would help us locate what you are looking for quickly. But if you don't have it, we will still try our hardest to help.